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  • One of the best things about working with other creative professionals is that they understand the value of the work. People seldom understand that we, any creative professional, charge money not just to simply make money but mainly to sustain what we do. Compared to other professions, its more difficult to sustain something creative due to so many factors. The expenses are more, what you invest is less than what you make, always, and almost everyone wants more work for less money. Very few people understand that photography is more than just taking pictures. So the artists easily understand a meagre amount required for a good portrait session. They know the challenges of sustaining creativity, professionally.

Artist: @praveenarayan 
Edited by @selva_tipu 
Shot in @sonyalphain A7iii
Amazing backdrop by @mizubackdrops 
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  • I asked him about his “Do You Have a Minute Series”. If you haven’t seen them, you should go to his profile and check them out! Talking about some of the changes this video series has brought in his life, he first said that it gave him an amazing exposure into audience. When he started doing it, he had way less number of followers on Instagram compared to what he has now! And many people started following him on YouTube too, and started to recognise him in person! He said that it is creatively challenging him to get better and better. He takes up a music piece and then he must think about how he can improvise upon what is there. The more he improvises, the more it will be creative and unique! He should also make sure to not lose the essence of the original music while doing so! He also has gotten so much more busier as a musician since the inception of the series and he says it feels amazing to have people ask him why he still hasn’t posted the video for the day, when he delays by even a few minutes.

All of this started from a challenge he took upon - to shoot one minute video of him playing a musical piece, every single day. Simple as that. When we create the best and keep bettering ourselves in doing that, everything will change into something amazing! Commitment and consistency can, literally, make so much of difference and they are the best friends of a creative professional!

Artist: @rajheshvaidhya
Edited by @selva_tipu 
Shot in @sonyalphain A7iii 
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  • One of the things we agreed upon in our conversations is that its really really important to have a supportive family and spouse for a creative. Many people ask me so many times how I balance my personal and work life. That's a simple, yet a serious question because life gets very tough for a creative professional. Especially if you are a busy one. It gets really tough with all work and time you need to give to your craft to grow. And once you grow, it becomes even tougher. So, the biggest thing you need is family support. Without that, your foundation will weaken and collapse very easily. In my case, I get a big support from my wife. Now, the precise balance remains in not exploiting that support. You should not misuse that support given to you. Many people who get into photography and other fields of art, get a hit on personal life. I read a book, "Notes of a Dream", one of the things the books talks about is how the artist's wife takes care of everything in his life and supports him through his journey. The parents too play a very huge role in giving in this support. There's an army of people behind the endeavors of every artist. This post is dedicated to them.

Artist: @girijashankarsundaresan 
Edited by @naahushikavuri 
Shot in: @studioa_weddings @sonyalphain A7iii
Amazing backdrop by @mizubackdrops 
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  • Having a team that believes in your vision and how they support you is really important. I wanted a few pots for few a few pictures but I was not sure if we can pull it off. The team came forward and put the pieces together. SURESH, my driver, found a place to get all the pots we need! He got them delivered to and back from studio. The whole team helped and arranged them during the shoot and pulled it off really smoothly! Its a blessing to have a team built by camaraderie and a team I can always trust to fall back on.

Musician: Vikku Vinayakram
Edited by: @naahushikavuri 
Shot on: @sonyalphain A7iii
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  • This shoot was easily one of my favourites. Vikku Vinayakram ji, like I said before, had no sense of celebrity status to him. He was calm and as if he were a youngsters who was getting his first portfolio shoot done, paying attention to what we wanted and listened to us with patience. We kept shooting for a long time while he was down for every single idea. Watching him play the Ghatam during this process was something that really was "SOULFUL".
Musician: Vikku Vinayakram
Edited by: @israeldavidsons 
Shot on: @sonyalphain A7iii 
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  • Shooting Vikku Vinayakram ji was an amazing experience. To have someone who is a master of Ghatam and someone who has been practising, learning and still playing at such an age is just super inspiring! While he was in his element of playing with the Ghatam, we were in our element of playing with the light. We wanted the whole shoot to be different and we sat down, brain stormed what we wanted and drew a mood board. We knew what our vision was and then we played with light. We shot for several hours and making every picture was an amazing process!

Musician: Vikku Vinayakram
Shot on: @sonyalphain A7iii
Textured Backdrop: @mizubackdrops 
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  • Falling in love with an old portrait of a singer, we began the conceptualisation. The idea was to recreate the image we were inspired from, and at the same time, to be grounded to our thought flow - trying to make sure that its a blend of original inspiration and our own ideas, and NOT a mere repetition. Looking back now, we feel that’s the process every creative has to go through while finding his/her personal style. It comes from drawing inspirations, finding out your point of view in that inspiration and trying to bring out that perspective. Sure, it doesn’t just happen in a day or two - you need to shoot a lot of bad pictures to be able to shoot what you want and your perspective. It takes time before people recognise YOUR style. This shoot was certainly fun. Through the shoot, we kept deciding upon certain aspect of outfits, makeup and hair, we changed our decisions several times and we followed our instincts through what worked and didn’t work. At the end of the day, we were satisfied about how the inspiration and our ideas flowed smoothly to be one.

Musician: @sundarmaalavika 
Edited by @dhivya__s 
Makeup: @bridescorner_official 
Shot on @sonyalphain 
Backdrop by @mizubackdrops 
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  • “So what do you think is most important for someone to become a musician?”, I asked her. She replied, “Generosity. You have to be generous as a musician. You should just give.” That was an answer that none of us saw coming. The aspect of “giving” is something we never really think about. If you look at it, I think that stands true to every great artist we know through history, and everyone who is currently making history. Along with being really creative, most of them just selflessly GIVE. They are ready to give their knowledge, the wisdom, their mistakes, everything - so that newer generation can make better mistakes and learn even more. Inspiring artists care about the craft more than their own success and they care more about the people than themselves. True artists that you love, if you closer, are givers. We remember them because they gave the world something. You should give a lot and still keep giving, to become a better person and a better artist.

So when Charu spoke about generosity, and “giving”, I immediately connected with her as an artist. This was a point I never consciously thought of or discussed with anyone. In introspection, I feel like we, @studioa_weddings as a team, have always been a “giver” through everything we do. Be it @bigshortfilms, the shoots, Evolve Workshops, @mizubackdrops, @evolvelibrary or anything - We always want to be the givers. In fact, sometimes looking down the lane 10 years from now, I feel we should be a team of “professional givers” if that’s a thing. For we believe, it is through “giving”, that a creative finds a better version of of the self.

Artist: @charumathiraghuraman 
Edited by @israeldavidsons 
Makeup by @yuvarsmakeupartist 
Shot in @sonyalpha A7iii 
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  • What is the one advice the you received that has impacted so much in your creative journey? If you ask me, its difficult to difficult to narrow down on that one advice that had impacted me so much, because there are so many things at so many different  stages in life. There are even advises that would make a lot more sense and have a deeper meaning at a different point in life.

So in terms of photography, the first advice I have received that helped me a lot is "developing your vision" rather than just seeing.  That is one of the biggest tips. Its only when I started developing my vision, my photography improved. At a very early stage in my photography career, "previsualization" was the tip given to me. Until then I was just shooting randomly. Once I started pre-visualization, my photography improved leaps and bounds.

Musician: @sriranjaninsta 
Shot on: @sonyalphain A7iii 
CUSTOM backdrop: @mizubackdrops 
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