Azhagu mess – is more a temple to me


First of all, let me set one thing clear. Azhagu Mess, to me, is not a mess but a temple. That’s how close it is to my heart over the years after coming so many times to this place. But every time, it is always the urge to come back soon that drives me back here. This time when we were in Karaikudi, I was literally counting hours to get set in Azhagu mess. The experience begins way before you enter the mess, through the interesting signboards that direct you from the road. The boards don’t boast about themselves but about the love and care they hold and serve for their customers, since many years. And it’s a warm welcome with a smile that the owners, the husband and wife, greet us with. I know them personally too, well given my love for food and the people who make it possible. When I think about Azhagu mess, it is this holistic experience, which hits me on the whole – something which has carved a name for themselves today.

Items are aplenty and one gets to feast till the leaf takes a tear. The best ones are the fillers indeed. Once we get started, we could only say, ‘Keep them coming.’ Rest is history. Do not miss to visit this place next time when you are in Karaikudi. The location? Never mind. Just ask for it by name. The mess IS the location 🙂

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