How do we backup images at Studio A?

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As a professional wedding photography team, we constantly work on tuning the workflow activities. Backing up the images is one of the most critical workflow processes. In this post I am going to share what has worked for us, and you can take some pointers out of this and tune to your business.

First up, always remember that any backup system must be fool proof in the sense that if one part fails there must a supporting part that saves the day. Now let us take a look at the steps:

1. I use only one card in camera because the Sony A7RII that I shoot with has only one card slot and even if it had two I prefer to shoot only in one card. I have always shot in one card even during my Canon days. It is also safe to have more cards in the pack. I have also started a practice where I save the cards of a particular wedding and seal them up for a few weeks and reuse them once all the deliverables and done.

2. After the shoot, I go back to the hotel/home, download the pictures (I almost always downlaod immediately because I just can’t wait to see my picures that I shot) onto my laptop. At this point I have 2 backups – the card and the laptop ( that usually has space to carry files for the last three or four weddings at a time)

3. Then I move these pictures into my hard disk (I always have an hard disk in my bag), which then reaches the office. Files are copied on to main server.

4. The Editors then copy these files into the local hard disks (Every Editor has one local hard disk that he/she works out of). Once done, they again upload it to back to the Main server. Right now, the backups are on – the card, the laptop, the hard disk, the main server and the local hard disk. Five places!

5. Once edited JPEGs are generated and uploaded to Zenfilio (online cloud)

6. So now if something or the other thing happens like (let’s think crazy) the cards are lost, the laptop is stolen, the hard disk is missed in transit, servers crash too… what do we do? Thankfully the jpegs are all in Zenfolio cloud. I am sure one thing or the other would save you from an embarrassing situation of having to face a client with lost images. Nothing can suffice that loss, for them, it is a memory that will never come back. Take care, promptly.

It is always good to have things in good shape from the beginning rather than pushing things at the neck of the moment. It is like trying to lose 15 kgs in one week.

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