Being perfect

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Since when did Being perfect = Fair skin + Athletic body + Branded apparel?
That’s how it is today when the brands/cine stars are bombarding the TV and the print media with their product advertisements. They have no idea about how these model-benchmark-standards are rooting into the minds of the youngsters and starts making them desperate to ‘look perfect’. They try everything they could, spend so much of their money, time and energy, in vain. There is so much peer pressure. In the weddings that I shoot too, at times I see so many people getting so carried away in the makeovers and attires that they forget to enjoy the present and have fun.
I confess that I was in the victim side too. As a school kid, I used to carry a comb all the time with me and adjust my hair. As I grew up I wore branded dresses and was so conscious about how I looked. Yet, I remained invisible. No one really cared about me. It was only after I discovered my passion and pursued my dreams, that I understood the true sense of being perfect. Nobody hired me or worked with me based on how I looked. They trusted me only based upon the work I did and the way I got along with them. When I meet new people today, I take a selfie with them as a memory towards the end. Sometimes I look better in it sometimes I don’t. But I don’t really fuss about it but go along with that instant pic.
We are not models. It is OK to be just the way we are. Trying to look good is fine, but being obsessed about it is unhealthy. What matters is what are we after and how passionate are we about our dreams. A sound body, sound mind and a healthy lifestyle – these matter! It only takes a moment to realize this. Once we do, and discover our purpose in life, there will be will no looking back.
Imagine our generation not getting carried away by such mental blocks issues but chasing the dreams with all their energy? Now that’s a perfect scenario!
What do you think about this mindset of the present generation? Share your thoughts.

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