Generic name or Individual name – how to name your new brand?

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Now that’s a famous question a lot of us have faced and debated when starting an own business. I mean it can be so tempting on both the sides, but unfortunately, there can be only one identity for your business when it comes to naming. Whatever you decide, you have to stick with it for a considerable period of time. Let us take a dig at this topic.

1. A generic brand name:
For instance, if you are entering into the wedding photography field, it is very important to ask yourself “Why am I starting this?” If your aim is to build a business, expand with a bigger team and do multiple projects at the same time, then a generic name will work well. This pursuit needs a team in place for effective execution. In that case, a common name will be an umbrella to the brand being built. In the longer run, this will be an asset by itself and will stand tall. But you have to remember, this comes at the cost of having less scope for direct personal branding. You have to keep the brand above yourself and ensure it ticks business, no matter what. It is better if it is a name that stands apt for many years to come ahead, rather than something that is trendy and fades with time.

2. An individual’s name as the brand:
If you are someone who does it just for the love of it, looking forward to creating a name for yourself in the market rather than build a big team to do bigger business, then an individual name works well. You can experiment a lot without any commitments that come with business, and aspire for award winning images (not that you can’t do it with a generic brand name but the pressure will be less). But you have to be careful because the work (good or bad) will directly add on to your image.
One common mistake many people do here is they aim to keep their full (first,middle and last) name as their brand name.
Imagine having to type something like By the time one is done typing it, they’d have lost interest and moved on. It is important to keep it simple and original for people to easily remember and pronounce too.

My personal thought:
It is better to start as an individual, do more work, create a portfolio and establish yourself in the market. Then would be a good time to scale the business up with a team in place. That way you can achieve best of both the worlds.

Now having said all these, you have to remember that the brand name is only a way for people to identify you. A classy brand name doesn’t attract business or a peppy individual name doesn’t win you awards. In either way, it is ‘quality work’ that matters and turns heads. In my own case, we started off with ANRB Artistry, then there was Amar Ramesh photography and now we are Studio A. All the way along, one way the clients constantly stayed connected with me was through the work I did. I think that matters, your ability to keep doing what you love passionately and let your work be your brand ambassador. Aspire high. Persevere with passion. Work hard, and create a name for yourself. Now that’s a name, that will last forever

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