Can a business Card also be a Magic Wand?


It can! Here’s the story of how I made this discovery. 

I still remember how I felt when I got my first box of business cards as a photographer in 2010. It’s a very special feeling when you have your new identity printed. Seven years ago, the cost to print a card with special effects was higher and I instead focussed on creating a unique design. It had a picture of me with eight hands juggling multiple creative pursuits. It was greatly appreciated by everyone who I shared it with.

In 2012, as social media was catching up I decided to ride the wave and my card reflected the trends of modern India.


My business card game changing moment happened in 2015. It taught me valuable lessons that made me rethink what I’ve been told so far. 



As serendipity would have it, exchanging business cards with a friend gave me an idea. I confess it was a princely sum and my accountant did call me to confirm if the cost was really for printing business cards. Did I feel guilty? Yes, initially. When I started to see the value it was generating, I was completely freed of it. A simple black card with the letter A chiselled went places and hasn’t stopped ‘wow’ing its recipients. It continues to delight recipients in India and globally as well.


What made the 2015 card a gamechanger?


icon avater
A black business card is inauspicious. Black is not a positive colour especially in the wedding industry.


I chose black because I believed it displays my ability to break rules with style. The person who receives my card knows I am bold and confident, which is really good qualities of a photographer.


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Use many elements and fill the business card with all the information you can. Isn’t that the purpose of the business card?


Kept the design painfully simple. No extra lines. No clutter. The world is already in an information overload mode and everyone loves simplicity.


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Don’t spend too much money on a business card, it’s going to be thrown anyway.


Discovered that investing in business cards is the best way to make a great first impression and display your brand’s value proposition.


The business card has hence been all these things at once – stylish, simple and premium. It clearly displays our attention to detail leaving a lasting impression in the receiver’s mind.

Take it from me, spend time, thought, and money on creating this identity of your business. You’ll be surprised by how many people treasure your card and show it to people with pride. All it takes is a well thought idea, a good designer, and a great printer. You can swish out your own wand and it will be abracadabra for your business.

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