1000 Days Content Challenge

I get this statement from few folks, now and then. I am like, ‘When did I ever claim myself to be an artist?’. Not that this question is posed by random strangers but at times by some of my sensible friends too. The thing is, I was a student not long ago, then a software programmer, then a business analyst and then the photographer that I am today. Definitely it was not a given gift to me, this passion & profession that I took up, but a craft that I learnt with love and sincerity over the years. I have all the respect in the world to it. And you never know, tomorrow I can be a farmer or anything that future holds. Things change, and keep changing. That’s how life has evolved. But one thing that will remain constant and can never be changed or taken away is the person that I am. I am Amar Ramesh, and I love what I do. I have fun when doing my work, and am interested in sharing the happiness to the world. That is all and it keeps me driving.

I am paid to do what I enjoy the most and that’s a blessing. I work hard, and make sure I finish things when they are supposed to. My biggest earning is the time I get for myself and I constantly look forward to see what more can I do? There is this constant yearning to do something new, something interesting and something purposeful.

On the long run, don’t get bagged down by the tag that people give you. They don’t know your journey and they won’t or can’t drive your car for you. The wheel is in your hands, ace up, enjoy the view and drive in style. Dreams are beautiful destinations to ride to.

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