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“What’s there in Pollachi?” That’s a common question I’ve been asked by many (including photographers) when I quote Pollachi as one of my all-time favorite destinations. Even those who adore the place are lured because of the green trees, the tourist spots and the climate that serves as the icing. But from what I’ve heard, there’s more to the place. To know about it all, you have to be there …

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Not many know about this historic small town on the Betwa River in Madhya Pradesh. Founded by the Bundela Kings of the Bundelkhand region, the majestic city of Orchha is often referred to unexplored or untouched. It was our longtime dream to do a shoot in this place, and it came true with the lovely couple Pawan & Ashritha sharing a mutual interest for this place. Well, apart from the …

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Why Vienna? Well, that’s a question I had in mind before I visited the place and if you ask me now, I’d ask you back, “Come on! Why not Vienna?!”. The capital city of Austria certainly cast a spell that’s hard to forget. With its rich palaces, cobblestone lanes and classy Kaffeehausers (coffee houses), Vienna is imbued in history. Now that doesn’t mean it is old school. It serves to …

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Rowing through the morning hues – Mahabalipuram Road (Sony7RM2, 16-35 mm lens) A beaming Sunrise at Gangaikondacholapuram (Sony 7S II, 24-70 mm lens) Sunrise at the shore temple, Mahabalipuram (Sony 7RM2, 16-35 mm lens) A dusky evening at Gangaikondacholapuram (Sony 7RM2, 16-35 mm lens) A dove takes flight at the Gangaikondacholapuram temple ( Sony 7RM2. 16-35 mm lens) Akila and her care taker at the Jambukaleshwar temple, Thiruvanaikal (Sony 7RM2, …

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