Chennai Weekend clickers – 600th Walk

1000 Days Content Challenge

It was Kasimedu, the first time when I went to the CWC(Chennai Weekend clickers) photo walk years back. The memory is etched green, the way a group of people came together for nothing but the love of photography. It is fascinating how the collective energy motivates you, an inch deeper, to explore the world through eyes and lenses, an inch deeper. The learnings were through conversations and the experience was the teacher. It was an amazing experience to me.
And 600! That’s a big number. The way CWC has pulled this out of pure passion, without any commercial motive, CONSISTENTLY, deserves a big applaud. It has not only presented the opportunity for all the participants to get a good exposure but has also created great talents in the process. Inspiring. Hearty congrats to all the members and friends who are making this happen. I truly look forward to participate in their walks ahead. Interested people, do not miss the opportunity to join their 600th walk that’s happening this Sunday! It’s a great opportunity to get started/continue the art of exploring, and get connected to a lot of inspiring photography aspirants & achievers!

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