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It’s always great see your article being published in a print magazine.. Here’s one about getting ready session published in the May issue of Wedding Vows.

Weddings are a once in a lifetime event.  The most important day as you move from one stage of your life to another and everything needs to be perfect.  You’ve planned every single detail with utmost care and reviewed and gone over it again and again for months or sometimes years.  All the careful preparation is done and now the day approaches where you will begin a new life and a journey with your soul mate.

It’s up to you to set the tone for your day and you’ll do that, as you get ready.  Your wedding will be a big blur in a few months after it so count on your photographer to capture the moments that make it special and that includes your time getting ready.  So many wonderful moments are shared with family and close friends as your hair, makeup, jewelry and clothes are donned.  This is when the day really begins so ask for shots of you preparing for the wedding and set the right tone for the day relaxed, enjoying yourself, and spending time with those that matter most to you.  I have noticed those brides that are relaxed and happy getting prepared are far more likely to enjoy the rest of the day just as much.

Planning in advance is essential to making your wedding perfect and planning ahead is essential to making your time getting ready for the wedding perfect.  Accessories, hair, makeup, and the dress are the big things requiring the most attention.

Make sure all your accessories are bought well in advance and packed together in one big bag so you’re not scrambling wondering where each piece is in the pile of things you have brought.  Be sure to try them on in advance for fit, comfort, and ensuring the style suits both you and your dress.  Try on the accessories and the dress together well in advance so you know what to expect and how everything will look n you.  If you are not comfortable wearing your dress in advance, try draping it over one shoulder to make everything looks good together on you.

It’s natural to spend a great deal of time shopping for the perfect dress and perfect accessories, but often overlooked is shopping for the best hair and makeup stylist.  Be sure to start well in advance of the wedding visiting a variety of shops to find the stylist that best suits your style and budget.  Have your favorites do your hair and makeup as they would for the wedding.  Hold up your dress and accessories at home to see how it all goes together and look at yourself in a variety of poses.  Be sure to take pictures and have the stylists write notes so that the same look you fall in love with can be recreated exactly n your wedding day.  If you prepare in advance, only you will not be surprised at how beautiful you look when all is done.

The getting ready session is a great opportunity for your photographer to get some amazing shots of you and your closest family and friends.  Shots taken during the makeup session helps complete the story of the day and the wedding and provides pictures of the intimate moments you never want to forget as you begin this important day.  To let you and the pictures truly shine, try to keep the room as clutter free as possible and be sure the mirrors are clean and not spotted or filmy.  Perhaps the hardest will be to try and control the number of people coming in and out of the room.  Just those that are closest and helping you get ready are enough.  You need to be relaxed and having fun rather than continuously being distracted and greeting all the well wishers.

It is perfectly ok to have someone tell them politely not to disturb the bride now since she is getting ready.  It’s better if you just appoint someone to do this for you and let yourself concentrate on getting ready.  This is easier when the wedding happens in a hotel, but in mandaps the bride and groom rooms are close to the main hall so there is a greater chance of guests barging in wanting to take a sneak peek at what’s happening.  You’ll need someone to regulate that for you even more in this situation.  Most importantly, plan for more time that you think you will need.  So many possibilities for what could throw you off schedule that its best to just add more time than your worst-case scenario.  Maybe traffic will hold up the stylist, things might take longer in a strange room, maybe someone forgot the pins and needs to run and get some, or perhaps you just need a few extra minutes just to breathe after seeing yourself in the mirror.  Regardless, that extra time will be used up faster than you can believe so be sure to allow for it so that you stay calm, relaxed, happy, and are enjoying these moments.  Once you are completely ready, be sure to ask your photographer to use any time left to take portraits of you looking your radiant best.  You and your husband will cherish these in the years to come

Remember, by the end of the day you cannot control everything and something will happen that was not planned so stay cool and expect the unexpected. After all, wedding is about you and your betrothed joining together and beginning a new life and not about the details of the day.  So just be yourself, live in the moment, and make your dreams come alive together.



















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