How to create such dreamy shots?

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Have you ever wondered how they pull out these shots where the subject is sharp and everything around it is blurred and fuzzy? For those who know how to do it, three cheers. To those who want to learn about it, here is a quick write up on how to play around with slow shutter + rear/front curtain sync. Don’t worry; it is simpler than how it sounds.

Rear curtain or Front curtain sync is a setting that is available in most of the DSLRs and mirrorless cameras. When you click to take a picture with flash on your camera, your shutter opens up, the camera exposes for the ambient light, the flash lights up the subject and then the shutter closes. Click! Picture captured. Generally the flash fires when the shutter opens. This is called Front curtain sync. When you switch this off, the flash starts firing at the end, when the shutter closes.

If you set a faster shutter speed, there is no considerable difference between the shots you take using front curtain or the rear curtain sync. But imagine using slower shutter speed and moving your camera a lot. When the shutter opens up and then there is so much motion the camera captures the blur and then when the flash triggers and lights the still subject, it is captured sharp and clear. This is how the dreamy shots here are done. If you still don’t get what I’m talking here are the 3 simple steps you have to do to get cool shots like these. The setting here are for Sony Alpha series cameras. You should be able to find similar setting for your Canon or Nikon systems too.

1. Go to Custom Settings page 5 and set e-Curtain shut to off
2. Then put your shutter speed at 1/20 or 1/10
3. Now shoot a picture and while you are pressing down the shutter button, make some random movements.

And beware of whom you try these shots with. Many times I get questions from clients like “Why are the shots blurred, where’s the focus?”. Yes it happens .

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