Natya – Painting the movement with Profoto

1000 Days Content Challenge, Featured

I have a strong inclination towards everything that is culturally Indian. As many of you know I have a special love for Bharatanatyam. I have been wanting to create something unique for a Bharatnatyam dancer because I always felt these Bharatnatyam dancers through their body language and meticulous movements, carry the soul of this 2000-year-old traditional dance. The dancer is generally super flexible, has the best body language you can ask for. I have shot Bharatanatyam events, but there is very little control you have when the dancer is on the stage. As a photographer, I wanted to make pictures of the dancer but with a different perspective. I had this image in mind where the dancer is in her free-flowing meticulous expression and I wanted to freeze the movement like a painting. Also, I wanted to add a touch of modernity to it. It all started with this idea, and everything else fell into place. With state of art lights from Profoto (A1, B1X, D2), it just got better as we were able to bring out the details and the mood.

Take a look at the video to know the full story and see the results. Big thanks to the entire team who made this possible – Innovative costume design by Swati from Studio 149, flawless makeup by Ibrahim, Hair by Ragavan, the brilliant dancer Kavya Muralidharan. And a big shout out to the entire team at Studio A who helped this dream come true and last but not the least people at Srishtidigilife for their tremendous support. Looking forward to working with more creative ideas like this. If you are a brand or an individual who is interested to partnering up on creative commercial projects, do let us know. We can make something amazing together.

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