Being friends on Facebook

1000 Days Content Challenge

It’s ironical how you have to request for someone’s friendship. I mean on Facebook . To all those have sent me a request and wondering why I haven’t accepted it yet, I am truly sorry for it just piles up and I have a tough time in figuring out who’s who. On the other hand, what you can do is give me a short message about whom you are, where we’ve met and why you intend to connect with me. It helps. Have only a few left, so want to keep them handy.

Here’s what you can do also. Go to my profile, click on follow and opt to follow my notifications. That way you can stay connected with what I am up to. I try only to post important stories, events and thoughts on Facebook, so do not worry, you won’t be bugged with notifications.

Do not be offended if I am not accepting your friend request or take time to reply back. If you are someone who is passionate about life and thriving to go full throttle, we’re friends already. Let alone Facebook . One way or the other, we’ll stay connected. As I said, do drop me a message. Wish you a good week ahead!

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