Hello to happiness


The sweet thing about South Tamilnadu is that the people simply love being pictured. And the thing about me is I get so excited when I take pictures. There can’t be a better marriage of happiness than this as I kept clicking a lot of friendly strangers on the go in this #DiscoverTamilnadu. And the best part? I took it in Instax and gave them a print of it instantly. Every time I request for a picture, they give back a smile and get ready. It is interesting to hear the range of standard questions they pose with:

1. Which city are you from? (Endha ooru la irundha vaarega?)
2. Oh, Chennai. Which area in Chennai? (Oh Chennai uh, Chennai la endha area?)
3. Are you from Press/TV? (Neenga Press uh Tv uh?)
4. Will this photo appear in newspaper or TV? (Indha photo va TV/Newspaper la poduveegala?)

There is a friendship that they establish with us during this short 5 minutes that they spend with us. The happiness in their faces on seeing the picture we give them in hand is a priceless sight. Not often do they get to have a quick picture of themselves or with their family together. From an instant picture, it then becomes a part of their lives forever. This to me is worth everything and makes me crazy about photography. Proud to be a memory maker. Take a look at few of such magical moments on the go where we said ‘hello’ to happiness

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