5 common mistakes that clients make when hiring their wedding photographers

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From the moment two people decide to get married, there are endless dreams that they start building together. One of them is the idea to capture the precious memories of their big day in photos. Undoubtedly, wedding photography has boomed as an Industry that is rapidly growing now. Yet after all these years, there are few common mistakes that the clients end up making when hiring a wedding photographer and regret for it later. In my experience, I am sharing this here so it would help people achieve some clarity on this matter. These mistakes if corrected will not only help the clients make the right decision, but also will emphasise the wedding photographers to take up their business with more responsibility and the entire Industry will have a positive progression on the whole, in my personal opinion.

1. JUST BCOZ they have more fb likes: :
“Hey this one has 100,000 fb likes but that one has over 3,50,000 likes on fb and a strong liking base in Instagram too. Let’s go with that one”. Some might not agree, but this is happening today in the social media frenzy world where clients get to weigh someone’s worth based on the likes they have on social media. Yes, it is a good way to see the work of the photographers and what the clients have to say about them, but do know that one can boost the social media pages commercially and get paid likes and followers. Do not fall prey to it. Make sure you reach out to them in person, enquire more about them beyond social media and then book.
2. JUST BCOZ they have shot celebrity weddings:
I am not complaining people shooting celebrity weddings. A lot of my friends who I look upon have shot amazing celebrity weddings. I respect their hard work. But for the client to decide the wedding photographer for their wedding, one has to realise that it is ‘their big day’ and it is going to be unique. Your taste of photographs or your type of wedding might be different from what you see in a celebrity wedding. So hiring someone just for that celebrity tag will land you in a hassle later, where in the expectations conflict and misunderstanding arise in the end result. It is important that you look beyond the glitz and glam, thoroughly engage with the photographer to see if your chemistry clicks, and then book them up.
3. JUST BCOZ he/she is a friend:
Now there is nothing wrong in giving an opportunity for your friend, or his/her friend who is just getting started. But do not decide to hire him/her just because they are your friends. No, it is not like that. When their work is compelling and they are doing it professionally & passionately, give it a thumbs-up and go for it. Otherwise you might end up with second thoughts and dissatisfaction towards the end. When such a meritorious situation prevails, the budding (and buddy) photographer will also strive to do quality work and get raise his standards.
4. JUST BCOZ of a difference in the price:
Yes, everyone has their own budget and ultimately look out for options that they can afford. But many people shift from a wedding photographer whose work they’d love so much & who they could afford too, to someone they’d barely know fully or whose work they might not like so much. A difference in the price can be a concern but it is unlucky that sheer price is chosen over quality at times. Yes, quality comes with price, and quality wedding photographs are expensive. Every wedding photographer invests so much time, mind, money and effort to make sure you get the best pictures. It is about prioritising. There will be many more things that you will be spending lavishly on, like the dresses and the venue and so on which would be one-time-purpose, JUST for that day. But the wedding memories/pictures are priceless and timeless! You get to live the big day every time you flip through them. So see if you can sort your PRIORITIES and make quality wedding photography affordable. Might sound straight, but give it a thought you’ll understand my point.
5. Not asking feedback from existing clients:
One small hack that I feel every client can cash upon is to reach out to the past clients that the wedding photographer has shot and just enquire. Simple! Nothing is as easy and genuine as that. It will give a good idea of the wedding photographer, their working style, the experience throughout, etc. Apart from the reviews you find online, if you can take an extra step and enquire with care, you are covered!
So yes, keep your eyes, ears and mind OPEN. Decide wisely on your wedding photographer and get gifted with timeless memories

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