Hot and tasty dindugal puttu!


There is no better feeling than waking up to the memory of the Puttu you had last night. Enter the fire service road in Dindugal, and ask for BHAAI KOLA PUTTU Kadai. That’s the landmark by itself where you can see people wait to catch a handful of the hot Puttu. It is an appetizer to watch the preparation process. The nicely grounded rice in the powdered form is stacked into the pipers, and the hot water below does the trick. The rising steam fills the pipers with just the needed warmth for the magic to happen. In a while, the pipers steam out signaling ‘play time’. And as Bhaai opens and sheds them on to the plate, in the shape of the piper, the Puttu is ready! With a spoonful of ghee and chiseled coconut spread over, the Puttu is played around to get an amazing final touch.

By the time our tummies start reaching the neck, tasty hot Puttu is served to your hands. On the first bite, it melts. On the second, it holds you in a spell until you order the next one. Wheat & Ragi varieties are also available. In a time when Pizzas and Burgers are the fashion statement rather than food quotient, it is high time we revisit our traditional foods that serve both the mind and the body. One of the must TRY items in Dindugal when you are here. Happy PUTTU!


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