1000 Days Content Challenge

This is something that I have already spoken about many times but want to reiterate for my 1000 days content challenge. Few realizations in life are just like that, drives us positively every time we look back. I was an IT engineer and I quit to become a photographer. I could’ve very well been a carpenter, a plumber, a teacher, a banker or anyone else, but I truly am blessed to be a photographer that I chose to become, or should I say, I was chosen to become. Every time I take the camera and view through that small rectangle, I feel reborn. The world of happenings before that very instance could have been a different one or even a bad one, but everything disappears once I view through that magic rectangular frame. I contemplate the moment right in front of my eyes, meditate in it sincerely to see what more can I add or take way to make it more beautiful? That is all that matters, living it up one moment at a time. I am transported to a different zone and when I’m back to reality; it starts all over again as I go on shooting.

I am this person who loves to shoot a subject who is happy, elated and spirited. Somehow I’ve never like to picture sorrow or a sad feeling, which some people have as their strength. Fortunately, this habit of shooting happiness coherently keeps me happy and the effect is contagious. I go on spreading the positive vibe in the things I do and the people I am with. There is simply no room for negativity, Nah!

Happy to be what I am today, and eager to get better. I am sure many of you would nod assertively to this feeling of satisfaction when following the passion. Cheers to that! There will be a follow-up to this post on why wedding photography tops everything else in terms of photography for me. For now, celebrate the spirit of following your heart!

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