Why They Should Hire You ?

1000 Days Content Challenge

“People don’t hire me!” “I have no projects in hand!” “There is too much competition!” “I am unable to close down my enquiries!” – I meet so many photographers who complain so, with an exclamatory mark in the end. The biggest reason for this, I believe, is the failure to ‘differentiate’. Clearly, there are so many wedding photographers today in the market and new ones keep coming in every day. So to stay wanted or to get hired is going to be a game of thrones. So that being said, what can you do to differentiate yourself? Let’s start with these quick questions.
1. How is your product different from others?
Remember, your product is everything. Also remember, in the eyes of the client, they will look at your product like they would look at any other’s. There will be 100 players offering the same service that you provide but at different prices. What makes your product different from them? It is important that you work on showcasing how unique you are in your products.
2. How do you differentiate yourself by leveraging technology?
Technology is a critical factor of change in the Industry and it is important to embrace it. Be it the editing software you use in-house or the management system in practice or the technical equipment you use, you have to see how progressive you are in staying updated. This plays a key role in the quality of the work you do and differentiating you from the competition.
3. How active are you in the right/smart way?
Ask yourself these questions.

  • How active are you with client communication?
  • How active are you in the social media?
  • How active are you in picking up the camera and practice when there isn’t a shoot?
  • How active are you in positioning your brand and marketing its values?

I keep repeating the word ‘active’ because consistency is the key here. It is important you consistently have a plan to actively engage in all the key activities, no matter what.
4. How disciplined are you?
Discipline governs everything. Starting from the output of the work you do to the client satisfaction, a lot depends on how disciplined you are, how diligent you handle your tasks, how effective you are with your team, how hard you work to achieve quality and so on. Personal qualities aligned to discipline are very important.

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