I am not famous, and it is frustrating. What should I do?


There is always someone getting better recognition than me, even if I know I’m better than him or her. This is frustrating. What should I do?

I hear this very often from a lot of people who complain that way the system is unjust to them or their talent not being recognised fairly. But let us remember that any great artist just grows beyond this.

Trust me, there is always someone who is better than you, no matter what. And you should take that as a healthy benchmark to cross by sooner. It is healthy to have competition but not jealousy or grief when it comes to business. Only in a competitive environment can we thrive to succeed. When there is someone doing better than you, look closer. Observe what he/she does to be on the top. Analyse their work, their social media presence, their projects and pursuits. There is so much to learn from our fellow artists and all we have to do is keep an open mind to learn.

In my own case, there are so many people who have said, ‘Amar just got lucky by time’, ‘I do a lot more than he does but don’t get the right recognition’. I do not get disturbed but respond to these only with my work, by continuing to do what I love to and move forward. I am passionate about photography. I do what I love and it keeps me going. That is the only thing that matters. So it is to all of us. Especially in photography, the aspiration today is often money and fame, which doesn’t stick in the long run. All those Facebook likes and shares are only people’s reactions to your work. Do not be carried away by the temporary happiness. Things like media attention and social recognition should not be bothering you. Instead, you must be focusing on sharpening your skills and doing more awesome work.

After all this, as common human beings, I do agree about that a little jealousy pops out then and there. But it is in our hands to turn it into a healthy attitude; an attitude of striving to become better continuously by practicing. Ultimately there are only one YOU in this world. And that is the person you must aim to become better than every day. Everything else will fall in place.

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