What is Inspiration?

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So much is talked about Inspiration. If you take a second and think, nothing is really original. Our thoughts and actions are an accumulated response of what we see, hear and learn from. Most of the times what you create is a cumulative output of what information you feed your brain with.
Why do you need inspiration?
Take photography for instance. Initially you come up with ideas that are interesting /creative. But after a while you end up doing the same thing again and again. This redundancy is natural and that’s why you need to look out for inspiration.
Where do I find inspiration?
To me as a photographer, observing other photographers work inspires me. But then what inspire me more significantly are things outside photography. I love to watch movies, songs and when I like what I see I take a snapshot of the frames. I love contemplating paintings in museums and their light and color play. Shooting temples, kids, social stories, etc. inspire me in their own way. And it gets translated into the work I do. Inspiration is not confined to your area of work. It is in everything that you love to indulge in. You just have to have an open mind.
Good Inspiration vs Bad inspiration:
As much as we talk about where to get inspiration from, it’s important to know where not to get inspiration from too. I have whitelisted my Facebook page, where I follow only good content. As matter of fact I have stopped watching traditional television or sensational news. It’s important to feed good content to your brain.
Ultimately what goes in comes out. Good or bad, is a choice you make. So choose the good, stay inspired, and create MORE!

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