Letting your work speak for yourself.

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What can I do when my client asks me about the camera I use and starts interrogating in an irritating way?
It happens. Trust me, every wedding photographer faces this crisis at some point of their career where some tricky clients step in with questions like, “You say you use a Sony A7RII. But why not a Canon 5d MarkIII or a Mark IV?” They’d have the least idea about either of the models but still interrogate you about the specifics. I’l tell you why. Imagine yourself going to buy a bike and are in the showroom to see the options. The salesman will be talking about horsepower, cylinders, valves and so much that we wouldn’t understand. But we’d be grabbing those terms and use the same when we hop to the next showroom. This is natural human tendency to interrogate as much as we can when we are going to spend ‘considerable money’ on something. First of all, understand this is natural and save the tension. This is what you can possibly do:

  • Show them your portfolio (you need to have one for sure). Make them understand what your style is through the pictures. Asking only about the camera to the photographer is like asking a writer what pen he uses. Enlighten them that it is the work that matters and which reflects in the end.
  • Or, you can educate them patiently about what camera you are using and why you are using it. Some clients will be genuinely curious to know stuff and they’d move on with the conversation peacefully.

The trick is to find out which client needs what explanation, depending upon your time and patience level, you can handle them. But ultimately, it is quality work that will cut through all this chaos and speak for yourself. You should be able to come to a point where the clients are so amazed by your work they assume you should be using the best camera and should think twice before talking to you about the technical details. That’s a different story. That’s a statement

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