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It is funny how every journalist who calls me these days for an interview opens the conversation. “What’s the new trend in photography today?”. Of course, the immediate reaction would be a cliched interval of silence to gather what can I possibly say? I mean every day something new comes up in terms of gadgets and techniques. But when you talk about trend, you have to break a level down and see what causes the trend to rise. ‘Habits’ are where it starts, as people catch hold of something crazy or needful, and start liking the behavior. In the case of weddings, what do you think has possibly risen up in the recent times? As a photographer or the audience or even the couple for that matter, what do you see happening all around the wedding ceremony? What do you see most of the people doing today? What are they addicted to? That’s enough clues to conclude, but if you haven’t coined the answer yet, let me spell it out for you. “Mobile phones!” Yes, you heard it right. Mobiles phones are show stoppers in photography today.
Facebook, Live-stream, Instagram, Snap Chat, Whatsapp, and what not?
“Err. excuse me? Can you place your DSLR down for a minute and take a picture of me on my phone, please? ” is what many photographers get to hear and face at the weddings these days. On one side, as much as I crib over the space they occupy on the stage giving us a tough fight for that tight frame, on the hindsight, you have to watch closely to understand ‘WHY’ is everyone going mobile maniac? It is simple. They want it instant. Fair and straight, they want the moments to be clicked and shared right away. Impatience is the new lifestyle and speed is everything. Naturally, this has got everyone, hands down.
A debate on mobiles taking over the DSLR is already loud but think on the positive side of this. There are two opportunities on the cards here. One is that the Mobile companies can focus on moving towards the world of DSLR, and the DSLRs can start thinking about going mobile. Somewhere in their shift, they will hit a sweet spot and wonders can happen in that instance.
As much as the big DSLR names are giving away wide angle lenses and flashes, why can’t they do something about immediate sharing. Point to ponder, ain’t it?
What if all the pictures are instantly saved on to a website or a cloud space, that the guests at the wedding can instantly access/download/edit/share it wherever they want to? The sharing option is already there to a certain extent, but can it be faster and smarter? As a wedding photographer, I see a great opportunity here. That would be the next big thing.

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