Loupedeck exclusive editing console for Lightroom

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An exclusive editing console for Lightroom? Yup, that’s Loupedeck for you – a crowdfunded project in Indiegogo. Sounded really exciting when I saw its video online and I got lucky to try it out too. Over the week, multiple people tried their hands on it at our studio. From the looks, it is sleek, fun and functional. Let us take a dig at the pros and cons. I will not tell you if you can buy it or not. You can decide that after going through the pros and cons. Also, don’t ask me the price, you can very well google it


  • The biggest advantage that I see is the way it keeps focus on editing without any distraction, unlike a keyboard where you have to use a combination of keys to pick a process.
  • For culling and rating this is definitely faster than using a keyboard, with exclusive rating and labeling buttons..
  • I love the interface. It is intuitive and it makes the editing process an engaging experience.
  • The precision with which you can change the levels is amazing. With a keyboard and a mouse, it is a little tough to achieve this fine level of accuracy.
  • I personally like the 8-preset buttons which becomes add-on when you use the function button. This helps greatly.


  • Loupedeck is applicable only for light room. It would’ve been great if it was made compatible with Photoshop, Premier Pro, etc that are widely used.
  • For the crop function we had to to use the mouse constantly which is a lag.
  • The build quality is sleek and ergonomic, but I feel it looks a little plastic for the price it comes with.
  • The price is definitely on the higher end when talking about installing it for a team of many. Even for an individual, it almost amounts to the cost of a lens.

Looks cool, works well and definitely intuitive. For someone who is starting to learn editing this is a great tool. And of course it will take a considerable time until one attains muscle memory to draw the best out of this. Everything said, the price is one big factor that will determine its reception in the market.

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