Excited about the partnership

1000 Days Content Challenge

One of the sweet things about what we do is that we do not limit ourselves to wedding photography. We work on things that excite us and things that sustain the excitement. One such project for us is MadRasana. If you don’t know about this already, Madrasana is an initiative by Mahesh and Sean Roldan to present the carnatic music in a vera level way. We come in at the viewing part to make some nice visuals. That was all about it when we got started. Everyone in our team is a gnyaana sooniyum when it comes to Carnatic music. We were in it to create some good visuals.

During the shoots, it is only the artist, ViviViNoth and me in the recording studio. Its like the artist is performing just for us. To listen to that unadulterated voice directly and so close is a blessing. Some voices are so powerful that you feel like you travelled to a different world and land back in just 4-5 minutes. Never has traditional music and singing looked and sounded so cool.

Certainly an initiative to be appreciated and celebrated. Watch their videos, like their page and subscribe to their youtube channel. We have planned some exciting things for the future. You don’t want to miss it.
Thanks to Mahesh Venkateswaran, my mentor figure for making me part of this and the busy bee Sean Roldan who fills the shoot day with so much fun and disappears before you know.


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