There are too many photographers in the wedding I am shooting right now?

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I hardly have any space to move. What do I do and how do I come up with good shots?!”
This has become a common call-out message in a wedding photographer’s life today. ‘Why does the client hire so many photographers to cover one event?’ is a different debate altogether. We’ll talk about it later. Now, assuming that you are there on the wedding day and facing this situation, what can you possibly do? Here are few thoughts from my experience.
1. First of all, do not complain. We have to realize that it was a conscious decision that we signed up for it and we have to deliver. So on the top of all the chaos, it is a calm mindset that will add some balance to shoot better.
2. Take it as a challenge. It is not going to be easy, but see how interesting can you make the moment look. Ultimately there will an army of photographers capturing the same moment. How different can you portray it? How smart can you use that little window of time and space you get? Embrace and experiment!
3. Let your pictures speak. Trust me, the best way to make a statement is let your work do the talking. Do such amazing pictures that will make the client realize what a waste of time and money it was to hire so many photographers when one person could do a fabulous job. That way, they will pass the message with sense to their friends too when someone asks them for wedding photography reference. Period.
Keep your cool. Focus on the task in hand and stand out from the crowd in your own way.

many photographers in a single wedding

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