Memories of Discover Tamil Nadu 2.0


Rowing through the morning hues – Mahabalipuram Road (Sony7RM2, 16-35 mm lens)


A beaming Sunrise at Gangaikondacholapuram (Sony 7S II, 24-70 mm lens)


Sunrise at the shore temple, Mahabalipuram (Sony 7RM2, 16-35 mm lens)


A dusky evening at Gangaikondacholapuram (Sony 7RM2, 16-35 mm lens)


A dove takes flight at the Gangaikondacholapuram temple ( Sony 7RM2. 16-35 mm lens)


Akila and her care taker at the Jambukaleshwar temple, Thiruvanaikal (Sony 7RM2, 16-35 mm lens)


A happy go lucky kid at Chidamabaram (Sony 7SM2, 90 mm lens)


Showing Big short films to the kids at the Ramakrishna kudil, Trichy (Sony 7SM2, 24-70 mm lens)


Tasting the local savories at Dindugal (Sony 7SM2, 50mm lens)


Ready to serve Puttus, Dindugal (Sony 7SM2, 50 mm lens)


Mr.Krishnaswamy, an artisan making wonders out of fallen palm leaves at Pollachi (Sony 7RM2, 16-35mm lens)


Hearing the stories of the dying art of basket weaving, Pollachi (Sony 7RM2, 24-70mm lens)


The basket weaver in action, Pollachi (Sony 7RM2, 24-70 mm lens)


Virapandi falls, Theni to Megamalai route (Sony 7RM2, 24-70 mm lens)


Kids in action, Virapandi falls (Sony 7SM2, 16-35mm lens)


A dusky evening at the hills of Pollachi (Sony 7RM2, 16-35 mm lens)


A small temple in the middle of Megamalai (Sony 7SM2, 16-35 mm lens)


Curating tea leaves, Megamalai (Sony 7RM2, 25 mm lens)


Call of duty, Megamalai (Sony 7RM2, 24-70 mm lens)


Tea Estate workers in action (Sony 7RM2, 24-70mm lens)


Making it count, Megamalai (Sony 7RM2, 24-70mm lens)


Instant uploads from the camera to the social media, at a roadside spot in Gangaikondacholapuram (Sony 7SM2, 24-70mm lens)


Contemplating the clouds, Megamalai (Sony 7RM2, 24-70mm lens)

Out of the blue, such road trips truly refresh the mind. It feels wonderful to look back at the Discover Tamil Nadu 2.0 that we finished recently, driving across the plains and the mountains of the Western Ghats.

It was a fabulous 7 days of unlimited fun and surprises. Here are few quick thoughts that we’d like to share on this note as we sum it up.

• Everywhere we went we found a place to stay and a friend to converse. Nothing seemed out of reach when you set out on a journey. That’s the beauty of travel, it gifts you with everything you need. You just have to be open to ask and search.

• Every city of Tamil Nadu has plenty of stories hidden in it, and a day or two is simply not enough to unearth them all. If you think over what’s special in your native city, the things that pop up are the least that you’d know. Beneath it, there are layers of life to be discovered.

• Food is truly a rich topic to indulge when we travel across Tamil Nadu. Wherever we went, there was a trove of tasty cuisines to try out. Not to forget the local snacks each town savored. In fact, we are planning to do a food trail trip in the coming year. That would be tasty, isn’t it?

• And an exclusive mention to the way our native food is taking a hit with the fast food waves. You can have as much Padhanee, Elaneer, Nongu as you want, but you can’t take in that much coke or pepsi can we? Clearly, our culture has all the goodness in its food, naturally, but we tend to fail to stick to it. Surprisingly, the whole 7-8 days we had eaten outside all the time, but none of our team members faced a health issue or two. But imagine if I were to eat out for a week at Chennai. Will we be having a straight tummy at the end of the week? Simple, tasty and healthy food thrives in our roots. We TRULY need to bring them back for our goodness.

• The people in the villages/towns are so friendly and simple. They do not want much and live a need-based life. At many instances our minds went into a debate thinking about the metro life and the life by the riverside/mountainside. The latter looked lovelier and felt sensible too, but how much can we give up to start a new life that is aligned with nature? That is a big question and has to be confronted by all of us. I think it’s high time we consider reducing the complexity of our lives.

• In many ways, we realized how fortunate we are with the life we have in hands. We saw people working 10-12 hours a day on the field, without complaints but only happiness to take back to their homes. Here at the city we grudge about life being so tough and challenging, with all that we have. We are gifted, and we must push forward to bring more wellness to this world we live in. Time’s money!

It’s a random wave that we were in, just like the first trip. The ones we are going to do ahead will be tied to central themes with more purpose than fun. We thank each and everyone who made this trip possible. And I can’t thank my team enough to say how lucky we are together as a family to be embarking on such adventures when the world is busy with targets and timelines. And special thanks to Sony for all the support offered with the

And special thanks to Sony for all the support offered with the equipments. The sleek gadgets for sure took the weight off our shoulders, letting us travel and explore effortlessly. The apps were extremely helpful to capture instant moments in a dramatic way. We captured some amazing time-lapse videos on the go. The low light performance was exemplary too, allowing us to make some twilight shots to perfection.

There is so much more to do. In fact, it has just begun.

Let’s #DiscoverTamilNadu!

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