Memories of Discover Tamil Nadu


I had long wanted to compile my entire feeling of the Discover Tamilnadu trip in a post, but haven’t been able to – such vast memories and such intense experience to be contained in words. It started as a clean slate without a plan. In fact, that was the plan. We decided not to have a tick list of things to do or a bucket list of places to visit. The idea was to travel, explore, lose, discover and evolve in the process. From Chennai to Kanyakumari, it was one awesome journey that saw people, places, food and more coming together. It’s been almost 2 months and to look back at the days only makes me long for more. I am trying to list the highs that I had here, quickly.

1. Super friendly People: The deeper we went, the friendlier the people were. It was amazing to see how happy people were in their hard working routine and the way they oversaw issues that we usually complain of, like, power, climate, politics and so on. The only disturbing memory is the casual prevalence of alcohol among the roadside vendors. Trust me, the roots of alcohol as a social evil has gone so deep that it almost looks like a normal sight wherever we turn. High time, something has to be pulled out on this.

2. Paradise in Places: We always drool over the faraway foreign lands, but right next to us lays the hidden treasures of the world. Be it the magnificent GangaiKondaCholapuram temple built by kings ages back or the little shops by the roadside run by simple families, there is so much to travel and experience in Tamilnadu. It is high time we stop drooling over foreign lands and start looking around the awe we are in already.

3. Soulful Food: Our search was always for the authentic food in every area and feasting there then. We have been eating like Kings for the whole 2 weeks, all so tasty and mostly full. What surprised us was that, never did we have a stomachache or a fever. Such was the health quotient when natural ingredients are used rather than preservatives that we find in hotels here. As much as the food, it was the service with love we were offered that satisfied us. “Thangam” “Magane” “Raasa” “Thambi” were the words we were addressed with and no wonder why we felt like a family everywhere. In a way, no 5-star Hotel can offer this satisfaction, ever.

4. The beauty of Randomness: This was the best part. The best of the moments we had all through the trip were accidental. On evening we were bathing in Cauvery River under a super-moon lit night and the next morning we would be tasting the best Paniyarams in the world on the roadside. None of this was on our list, but on the go, they all happened to us. We understood that all it takes is an open mind and heart to seek things. Rest will fall in place.
There is no written objective or mission that I feel like I have accomplished, but a part of me has changed for good and it will only strive to become better. Travel in this sense is truly magical. It instill confidence, sets your mind free, wipes away your worries and creates a new YOU. I feel thankful to life, my better half, my friends, family and my team especially who were with me all through the journey. Travel truly brought out the best in all of us. I sincerely urge each one of you to plan one such trip to our roots of the nativity. Trust me, you will stand transformed just the way I am. Can’t wait to do my next #DiscoverTamilnadu trip.























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