convert fear into a source of motivation

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I had this question asked recently, “I am now on the verge of starting on my own in wedding photography. But I am so stressed out. I wanted to hear from you about how was it when you started up years back. Were you stressed out too? How did you overcome the stress?”
Yes, 7 years back when I left my safe software job, I did have the fear of failure, the fear of risk and the world of uncertainty that comes when you start something new. That’s how it is every time when you start to learn to do something new ever since childhood. But the only difference between now and then is the way we understand fear; not stress but fear. In fact there is no such thing called stress. I’ll tell you why. I’d like to quote Robert J. Maurer here, whose book I read a few years ago. He says that there is no such thing called stress. Take kids for example. They never go to a doctor and say they’re stressed. They’re only afraid, of heights, horror movies, etc. But then, in spite of being afraid, they do watch horror movies, celebrate Halloween and enjoy roller coaster rides. They seek out the ‘fun’ in the fear and make it an adventure. That’s more like it!
Times have changed and the business scenarios are rapidly changing too, but this fear factor remains the same. The trick is to understand that it is normal and embrace the step forward. To me personally, when I had this first fear, all I did was I kept going. I loved what I did and kept working hard at it. Over the time, there is a point where you get to make fear your source of motivation. That’s the sweet spot. There is no stress. And yes, it is fine to fear failure for only then will you be smart and sensible in your approach to work/business.
Do check this out.  This is an excerpt from the book of Robert J. Maurer that I was talking about.
Also remember, like how getting started is a fearful thing, equally daring is sustaining the hard earned victory once you see it all through. At times I see others and feel bad when they have more instagram likes or more followers. I envy someone doing some crazy work and wonder why haven’t I done it yet or push myself further. There is always someone better than you making you feel trivial. I feel it everyday and strive to convert that fear into a force of motivation. Trust me, it truly helps.
Make fear your ally (like Batman did) and march forward with confidence.

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