My clients do not want their pictures to be posted in Social media. What do I do?

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It is ironical that most of the clients find us through the couple pictures we’ve shared on Social media, yet, some wouldn’t want their pictures to go online. Some people find it affecting their privacy and yes we have to respect that in the first place. Almost all the wedding photographers face this tricky situation at some point of the time. In my experience, here are few thoughts that can help when the client denies you permission to share their pictures online.

1. Set the context straight in terms and conditions:

Lets all agree – Social media is great way to let people know about your work. Marketing your work is a vital process in business today. So in the contract, it is wise to state it clearly that you as a photographer will hold the intellectual rights of the images you click and you will be entitled to use them on Social media/blog/website. A non-usage fee can be included in the quote in case the client exclusively wants us to refrain from using their pictures for any purpose online. This is to compensate the marketing opportunity lost when not sharing the wedding pictures.

2. Obscure fashion:

I have shot weddings where the couple, venue, decor and just everything else is so perfect but then the couple would pay a non-usage fee that’ll keep our hands tied when it comes to sharing them online. I mean it is too tempting to resist promoting such brilliant memories, not just for the marketing purpose but also for the love of the stories. In such cases, I take it as a challenge and take ‘obscure fashion’ shots. Every obstacle is an opportunity in disguise. I’ll frame shots that doesn’t reveal much of the face of the couple but encompassing the other beautiful elements in place. In a silhouette shot or a multiple exposure shot, is hard for anyone (including the couple) to identify the faces. In fact there are such shots (including the one that is posted) that have won awards and accolades for us over the years.

3. Be amazing. Be wanted:

No body says no to a prestigious stage. You have to work hard to be that stage, where everyone would yearn for an opportunity to be featured on your page. Capture moments creatively and make some magical pictures. They would love to go on a page that features only the best work. Problem solved.

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