1000 Days Content Challenge

“Oh come on, how can BJP select this person for the Presidential candidate? And OH! The India-Pakistan match seems to be fixed. How unfair!?” That’s my friend’s father fuming about the news he was following. Sitting at my friend’s place 1000s of miles away from India, I was both surprised and not surprised looking at how the role of Media continues to be in our daily lives.
Growing up:
As a kid, my parents insisted me to read the Hindu every day so I can get better with English and learn world affairs. I enjoyed it as a kid and in fact cracked many quiz competitions in school. Reading newspaper had become a morning ritual for me. I even started missing it when I was in the US in my corporate job. So the first thing I did when I returned back to India was hopping on to my Hindu reading habit happily. I used to watch a lot of TV news too and somehow felt confident about following everything that happened around.
Negativity and Helplessness:
But over the time I couldn’t help but feel the negativity that keeps oozing out of the news these days. I have great respect for the journalists who carry their work honestly with heads held high. I wish more purpose-filled journalists storm the media and revive it. But then, the majority of the news media today only wants to make news that sells. It is shocking to realize how we are literally dependent and led by skewed news sometimes. At times I feel so frustrated about how I was unable to change the things that happened around me. Then one fine day, I stopped following the news. I stopped reading the newspaper or watching news channels that play the same news in a loop from morning to evening. For the past 2 years, I have been out of it.
Social Media helps:
With the advent of social media, one-way or the other the news that you are supposed to know reaches you. At least to me, it has been that way so far and it works perfectly fine.
I replaced my morning newspaper reading with workout and beach walks. I replaced my TV watching time with learning new things that fascinated me. On a long enough timeline, I realize it is a ‘better YOU’ that will help change possible in the society, rather than a ‘frustrated you’ following news and cribbing. I have got my valuable Time back and wish you could also do the same in your own way. To me, it is important that our emotions at the start and end of the day should not be governed by News Media.

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