“Be obsessed or Be Average”

1000 Days Content Challenge

This is not just the excerpt of a book but very much my current state of mind. After a couple of weeks of vacation and of doing nothing this is how I feel. I just can’t wait to get back to work. Sounding rage? Nah, I am saying this with composure. Talking about vacations, either we don’t take enough or we cram so many things into it and at the end of the day become so tired that we yearn for one more. My kind of vacation is doing nothing, eating all that I want and watching all the movies that I missed. 10 months of hectic schedule and a few weeks of doing nothing is what I always aspire for in a year. I am in the tail end of the vacation week now. After a season of House of Cards, 14 films and a few standup comedy shows later, I’m tired of TV, I’m tired of sitting around doing nothing and getting fat with all the ice creams. My family has had enough of me. Seriously, they’ve started asking when am I going back to work 🙂

“I am not happy unless I am working. That doesn’t make me defective. It makes me productive. I am simply happiest when I am most productive. You might be too, regardless of what others say. They don’t know what you want. Don’t let someone else tell you how you should feel about your obsession with success. And quit apologizing to or making sense of those who proudly brag, “I don’t want it all.”
There has not been one vacation that I have ever taken that I didn’t end short. I am like; hey I am sick of this can I go home now? Can we go back to work? Can we go back and play again? Can we go back to making our life what we want it to be? That’s the game man! It’s like Disneyland of life. Take enough time if you need it. Look, at least take enough off that you fulfilled your desire for time off. It might be a good thing. Maybe you need 5 days or 6 days or a week or a month. But look if you’re packing the rest of your day and the rest of your week, and the rest of your calendar, so what. Nobody is going to care except maybe you”

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