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Not many know about this historic small town on the Betwa River in Madhya Pradesh. Founded by the Bundela Kings of the Bundelkhand region, the majestic city of Orchha is often referred to unexplored or untouched. It was our longtime dream to do a shoot in this place, and it came true with the lovely couple Pawan & Ashritha sharing a mutual interest for this place. Well, apart from the stunning pictures we made for them, we also got the chance to capture few pictures of the place that made for a travel diary by itself.
Orchha stages a great display of Mughal-influenced Rajput architecture in the contour of spectacular palaces, temples and royal cenotaphs (chhatris). It is a laid-back and hassle-free atmosphere that we found at Orchha but the journey to it was not. We had to hop from Chennai to Delhi to Gwalior and then drive for 3 hours to reach this place. To be honest, it felt dry, the first sight especially after a grueling trip to the destination. But slowly, as the place got into us, we could sense the ruins of the kingdoms that stood faded in the pages of history. We had a guide, who fortunately fed us with just the amount of information needed, and let us free to contemplate.
When we got the drone up, we were amazed to see how the small town was covered with dense green forest all around. All the monuments are closely located and we could see them all in one frame. We visited the Jahangir Mahal, the best of the list, then the Raja Mahal and the Chaturbuj temple. Each place had its own character, mostly filled with silence and occasionally with people. The places were minimally populated and people were reserved and rooted in their behavior. In fact, most of them walked with bare legs grounded to the soil all the time.
The prowess in architecture clearly showed how rich & artistic the culture had flourished there centuries ago. But sadly, it is all being poorly managed now as one can see the aging on the face of the monuments. How we wish, that such treasure lands of our country can be preserved better.
Here’s Orchha for you. Take a look!
(P.S: A splendid outdoor shoot from Orchha coming up)


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