Should you do your outdoor shoot before or after the wedding?

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Now that’s a fair question that many of the clients/ wedding photographers face when it comes to couple shoot. Pre or post wedding shoot, both have its own pros and cons. My vote goes for shooting the couple before the wedding. Here’s why I’d say so:

  • It’s a good way to become friends with the photographer, let him/her know your story and get them prepped up for your big day
  • For someone who is having an arranged marriage, this session is a nice way to come together. I have heard this from many of my couple friends who say how much it helped them to get to know each other well. If time is a luxury and this session will be a priceless window of memory.
  • You can use these pictures for your ‘save the dates’ or print them and use them as part of your wedding gala. How nice would be that?
  • You don’t have to wait and delay your albums for the sake of adding those pictures in your albums if you decide to. Fun is instant, make the most of the moments.


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