Importance of previsualization

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A lot of the times when I post pictures, the first question many would ask are in the lines of ‘what lens was used? ‘, ‘where were the lights placed?’. Nothing wrong in asking but thats not where you start to make a picture. It starts with the idea you have in mind. Previsualizing the shot is the key. This I feel is a very important if someone has to get better in their photography and this is what many lack. Also lacking this is what will make you think more about the settings and the gear. So when you have a shot in mind, you will know what lens to use, what camera feature to think about. Where you have to place yourself and all the nitty gritty things can be better planned you have the shot already in your mind.

For instance, this particular shot is from Sathish-Deepika’s recent outing we had. Yes, we camped in Marina, a place we’ve shot so often. Yet, the idea was to come up with something new. The trick lies in looking around and thinking ‘what interesting can I bring out here?’. I saw a couple of horsemen roaming around and the skies had a nice hue. I drew a picture in my mind, thinking of the kind of shot I can execute with these elements. Then, CLICK!

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