The importance of passion

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Trust me, this BIG Short Films short film will change the way you see your job/business. But before that, let us talk about the issue in place. There are so many people around us, doing so many jobs/businesses. I get to meet a lot of them every day… we all get to. On an average day, I start off my early morning in a club with swimming/exercise but the workers who open the premise reach 15 minutes later. Then they clean the place and we all have to wait until they’re done. Then way back home when I fill my car’s petrol, I am faced with disinterested workers again. At times when I am in a rush to the airport, the cab driver takes a route of his comfort which might be time taking or drops me off where he is comfortable only. I am not trying to sound negative, but it disturbs me when people are not doing their jobs happily.

I keep pondering upon all these, and two places keep me going.
1. My office – which is a positive ball of energy and everyone shares the vision of doing awesome work, with enthusiasm and commitment.

2. The Quad – a place run by people so exuberant that one would want to go to that place not just to work out but also to meet these guys and get motivated.
Only one thing stands between these two worlds of interest and disinterest. It is “Passion”. Yes, I think that determines the level of interest in anything and everything we do. If we are not passionate about something, then the heart and mind will definitely not go together. Ultimately, it will not serve the individual or the community in anyway. It is important to ask this, “Am I passionate about what I do?” If NO is the answer, it is time to rethink and redo things. Even if YES is the answer, we have to constantly keep ourselves motivated to keep going. Stay passionate, stay purposeful!

FOOD FOR THOUGHT – this #bigshortfilm we shot last year in every way instills the importance of passion and how it can impact a positive change in the minds of many. Take a look at the film.


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