Why are personal projects important for a wedding photographer?

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All you wedding photographers out there! How many of you are guilty of picking up your camera only on the shoot days and on the other days it is just picking up some dust. You may want to reconsider this habit, because while shooting a wedding or an event you are very receptive to things happening around you. Most of the times you are running behind the bride & groom hoping they will give you a small window of time to shoot some portraits. You are constantly moving around looking for best angles and sometimes fighting with people to grad the best location. In middle of this you hardly have time to think anything about photography. If you step back and look you will realise you aren’t really trying anything new but repeating what you had learnt over the time.

This is where personal projects come handy. They not only take you away from the rut but give the time to practice new techniques and get better at it. You get to adept with the techniques and the settings of the camera. To gain this, you have to find what are you passionate about, what will make you extremely happy and what is the area that you lag behind and practicing what will make better in it. You have to find something you love otherwise it will become another job and the whole idea of personal projects gets dissolved.

I wanted to get better with portraits with light and I picked up shooting portraits of people with lights. This definitely helped me to shoot portraits when I’m shooting weddings recently. Also the landscape pictures that I do for temples have helped me in getting better with the environmental outdoor couple portraits. Although my wedding work is very popular I feel a lot more people follow me for my personal work like Stones and stories, Discover Tamil Nadu, big short films, etc.

So go on and start your pet project right away. If you are a photographer (or even if you are not one), tell about the personal project ideas that you have worked or planning to work ahead?

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