Right from the moment I left my safe software career to pursue my dream of becoming a photographer; there has been endless dots that have connected themselves to lead to what I am today. An entrepreneur by choice and a wanderer by nature, I have been fortunate enough to find a purpose in my passion and make many like-minded friends along the way. I haven’t travelled across the whole of Tamil Nadu yet, I haven’t documented all of India’s priceless heritage sites and I haven’t been on a road trip to every part of the world. But I want to. If you are one who nods with the same intensity, then let’s catch up. I love collaborating and creating memories. Proud to be a memory maker!

Amar is the founder of Studio A, one of India’s finest premium wedding photography & filmmaking brand. 400+ Weddings and still counting, Studio A has done weddings that happened under a tree to weddings that were set on coasts of Santorini.
Studio A
With the right blend of imagination and expertise, his passion for portraits stands translated in the work he continues to do in this area. In the professional world today, your visual identity is the new age business card. Studio A helps you create the perfect portrait that will uniquely impact your professional visibility. Also, on a personal note, Amar's interest to revive the art of portraits sees him capture a wide range of families and artists.
Portraits by Studio A
Of many things that stand testimonial to the time that we have come through, temples have a big say on the art, architecture, religion, spirituality, prosperity and more. When we enter such ancient temples, the very thought of the civilizations that had flourished around seamlessly in these spaces ages ago, is astounding. STONES AND STORIES is the passion project of Amar that documents the rare temples of India.
Stones and Stories
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