What is Photography without a Camera?

1000 Days Content Challenge

Photography to me without a camera is ‘being in the moment‘. Just close your eyes and try to recollect the most happiest memory of your life. What do you see?

You just saw a moment in a rectangular frame that had a subject, drama, color, emotion and light. You see a moment that is close to you as a fond memory. Now that’s a heartfelt photograph! which does not require a camera.

When I look back at my wedding moments, I hardly remember the person who shot the wedding. But I remember the moments in frame, with not only colors and subjects but all the feeling that I had during those moments.

These moments, no matter how old we get, will always stay young in our mind. There are no camera flashes or hard disks attached to these memories. They are stored in the mind for eternity and simply cannot be deleted. I believe this is photography to me without a camera, in fact, the most real & natural form of photography. No matter how crazy the gadgets get and how busy our lives become, there is no better camera than our eyes and no better memory than our mind. Let’s BE in the moment.

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