A Paradise called Pollachi

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“What’s there in Pollachi?”
That’s a common question I’ve been asked by many (including photographers) when I quote Pollachi as one of my all-time favorite destinations. Even those who adore the place are lured because of the green trees, the tourist spots and the climate that serves as the icing. But from what I’ve heard, there’s more to the place. To know about it all, you have to be there at the right time with the right people. The right time – NOW, always. And the right people? Who else than Pollachi Papyrus to explore Pollachi the right way?
You have to know about them if you don’t already. The Pollachi Papyrus is a quarterly magazine aimed at promoting responsible tourism, conserving the biodiversity, culture, and tradition of Pollachi and the Anamalais. A bunch of young, creative minds with their powerful story-telling, exclusive photographs and exquisite narration of personal experiences are making this happen. And ‘Thadam Experiences‘ is a part of their endeavour where they offer customised experiences for the new-age travellers to experience the vibrant native culture, heritage of the ancient town of Pollachi and the rich bio-diversity and beauty of the vast Anamalai Hills. Now enough said, you get an idea about how enriching our tour would have been with them.
Three days felt like three worlds, with every place casting its own spells. We talked, walked, trekked, tumbled, got drenched, and what not. As much we did, Pollachi did too. Yes, the place comes alive when you stroll into it, and before you know it takes you over and strikes a conversation. It was nature in its native form with teeming greens and friendly people everywhere. There are certain places on the blog which would make you wonder if such spots even exist in the (first) place? Our vision was to document the bliss of Pollachi and we ended up getting lost in its tranquillity. When you take a dive into it, you’d stay lost too happily.
It is nice how you feel belonged in a place over a period of time and you miss it like a person when you bid bye to it. When we returned back, our minds were etched with the pure vibes of this magical place; memories that will linger for a very long time. There is only so much that we can say in words, but glad we came back with pictures to show you all. To experience it wholly, pack your bag and plan a trip to Pollachi!


” Vettaikaranpudhur “


” Aliyar Dam “


” Karadu “


We were sitting atop the little rock hill while Vivi was shooting the sunset and Lingesh was looking at a bird which flew by!


” Aliyar Dam “


Pollachi has its own beaches!


“Thirumoorthy Dam”


¬†” Valparai “


After a long walk to a view point in the early morning when everything else was closed, this movie buff tea master gave us different combinations of tea from ginger to lemon!


” Negamam “


His entire living room is converted into this spinning wheel!


” Top Slip – Elephant Camp “


Elephants and their mahouts coexist together!


It was raining and misty at the same time, and the lights were switched on! The team who helped me shoot the pictures and videos! Vivi didn’t have a big camera so he took a suitcase with all his equipments!

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