Portraiting hard work


Throughout this #DiscoverTamilnadu Trip, one thing we have witnessed profoundly everywhere was HARD WORK. We saw farmers sweating their day out for our food, potters toiling in small rooms to shape our smiles, weavers stitching our dreams, humans selling tender coconuts under the hot sun to help us beat the heat and more. Today when we work in a comfortable zone yet complain about power cuts and petty issues, there were these people who were far from any layer of comfort but intensely committed to their works. Even under in continuous labor under challenging climatic and electricity scenarios, they simply had no complaints about life but only smiled their way through the need for survival and the art in their profession. City life, in many ways, takes away this human(e) equation and replaces it with machines and protocols. It was amazing to hear their routine that was pinned to their mind perfectly rather than thriving on mobile reminders.

Their way of living was so much connected to nature too. They wake up before the Sun rises and end the day when the Sun sets. That’s quite a clock to follow. I feel this habit of waking up early goes a long way in giving us a long day in hand to make the most of it, something we all should strive to practice. Simple, yet powerful. I’m a big fan of this habit.

The alarming thing we found in their lives was the prevalence of Alcohol. After all the hard work they do with all their strength, it is pitiful to see them lodging into the TASMAC waterholes and destroy their time, mind, money and health. This needs a serious look after.

Another aspect that is alarming is that many were not ready to pass their profession to their next generation. They wanted their kids to be doctors and engineers for the obvious reason of a better life. I believe the art side should be transferred to the next generations, irrespective of the professions they venture into. They could be engineers or doctors and still have this as an hobby. That’s how these art will thrive.

Photographically, we wanted to capture their hard work in their own environment and make them look cool. We used a little lighting and the result is a series of portraits for you to view. Every picture holds an intense amount of heart and hard work hidden in it. Take a look and let us know what you think.

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