Sastha kovil – A paradise on its path


Walking through the streets and moving through the crowd is how we usually go about when visiting a temple. But then, this was altogether a different experience. Randomness was once again the winner as we least expected how it would turn out to be. Sastha Kovil, located near Devasthanam, had a check-point where we had to stop our vehicle and a forest vehicle took us from there. Our curiosity took a ride through the terrains and we were dropped at the hill’s turf. It was a paradise on path from there, as we walked up the hill. Covered by dense greens and chirpy bird sounds, the walk by itself was a prayer in calling. Lifeline to this place is the small stream, which runs steadily almost throughout the year and roars high during the monsoons.

When we reached the waters falling wide and swift, all we could do was cut loose and take a dive. We had other plans lined up for the evening, but the mood then totally cut through it all. We spent the next 2 hours splashing through the waters and stayed immersed in the chillness. It was quite a sight to stay suspended in the water and watch the big blue skies move up above. After the dive time, we went on to the temple by the side. It was small, simple and so natural. Definitely a soulful experience that had all our senses submitted to Nature.

Next time when you are around Rajapalayam, hop on to Devasthanam (Madurai-Tenkasi road) and ask for Sastha Kovil. Rest assured, is bliss. Naan petra inbam, vaiyyamum peruga

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