Amar is a passionate speaker, honing his stand on the professional stage. He takes pleasure in sharing his journey, the wisdom he has accumulated and the stories that inspired him to be more. Here are few of my recent talks.

My Topics

Power of Portraits

We live in a world where we get to meet each other even before getting to see each other in person. Yes, I am talking about digital media. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, websites… our visual identity is spread across the platforms and people check them out before meeting you up. As a speaker, it is important that you have powerful portraits and impactful videos to represent you online. They are the new age business cards and they just don’t reflect but talk for yourself. How can we make the most of this? That is what we are going to converse about in my talk titled “The power of Visual Identity in professional speaking” Get ready to unlock the power of portraits and videos, to your advantage.

Finding a Superpower in you

What happens when you are passionate about the WORK you do? What happens when you trust in the universe and commit yourself to get better in the WORK you do? What happens when you WORK everyday with all your heart and persevere with sheer discipline? You get to discover your SUPER POWER! This talk throws light on that from my life experiences. Relating WORK to SUPER POWER, I will share my story of how I discovered my SUPER POWER by doing what I always loved to do, to stand where I am today.

Moments from Recent Talks

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