How do I find my own style?

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That’s a tricky question a lot of us ask ourselves. Personally, I love what I do and I like experimenting with photography. I pick and play with what I find inspiring around. Over the five years, I honestly haven’t figured out my style yet. But I do find a lot of people recognizing my pics immediately and saying ‘This is Amar’s style’. That’s how style happens, I think.

We just have to keep doing what we do, and over the time, the style will appear and people will call yours out. Do not over think about your style or try to invent one. Just make sure you are trying out different things on a constant basis and keep improvising your skill. That is all that matters. Everything else will fall in place. Also, great artists whose styles are now signature ones persevered for years to attain that state. Most of us are beginners and have not even completed 10 years. So let us forget the style factor and focus on the skill factor.

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