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I’m in Cleveland watching scores of people celebrating Mother’s Day with cards and gifts. I sit down and ruminate about what a monumental role my mom has played in making me become who I am today. I love my mom to bits and salute her for living a life that showed me…

…to love unconditionally with all your heart.

…what hard work meant when she set out to different states all by herself to complete trade deals.

…to be a quick thinking entrepreneur finding business opportunities trading almost everything that she could get her hands on like turmeric, tamarind, chilies, mangoes and sarees.

…the power of investing herself as a parent in every way possible so she could give her sons a strong education, which is the foundation of everything I’ve built.

…to never be ashamed to ask and never settle for less when she bargained with vegetable sellers and businessman with equal grace.

…to be ingenious in the many ways she hid her yummy gulab jamuns from us every Diwali.

…to rely on her absolute unfailing care as she asks me, “Have you eaten?”,  every time I call her from any part of the world.

…to have self confidence and look life in the eyes with a glorious smile.

…to respect the strength of a woman!

mother and son photography cambyte

As a parent myself now, I feel and understand the unconditional love, the kind she always gave me.

I love you Mom, today more than yesterday and less than tomorrow!

Happy Mother’s Day!

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