How important is a team to build a dream?

1000 Days Content Challenge

That’s one question that a lot of us have when we get started with something on our own, especially in wedding photography. Looking back from where I started Studio A, it was a two-member team, an editor and myself. In 5 years, it is a family of 25 members. From my experience, here are the pros and cons you can consider.
1. Quality control in-house:
When you have a team, you have total control of the quality of work you do, unlike the variations that happen with freelancer-contracts. You get to set a brand language in the long run which matters.
2. Speed in communication:
Things get communicated fast, internally and externally allowing the workflow to be seamless. Shooting, editing, delivery – everything just happens faster and smarter.
3. Authentic Style:
Style is something that develops over the time. With an effective team, you can very well create one and keep improvising it. Editors/designers know what you want and you can maintain consistency, and also experiment to innovate.
4. Build a community:
If you look at the bigger picture, it is not just a team that you are building but a community shares the vision of doing awesome work.
5. Client perception changes:
It definitely makes a difference as a client would trust a brand name with a team rather than a freelancer.
6. Ability to DO more:
The collective energy is everything. As a team, you can do MORE. In our case, we started with wedding photography and are now also doing kids photography, documentary films, corporate shoots, etc.
1. Increased expenses:
Obviously, more people means more investment of time and money. Meeting up with the overheads every month is a big challenge.
2. Human resource issues:
Every person is a different world. To put them all together in a common space is like juggling so many worlds together. Aligning them to the vision of the company can be quite a task. One has to pay attention to the issues of every individual.
3. Increased commitment:
As an individual, you can take a break when you want to and do things you want. But with a team at your back, you have to make sure an income is generated consistently. In businesses like wedding photography which are seasonal, this can be a challenge.
To me, personally, more than all of these, it is the satisfaction of being able to change the life of an individual by giving him/her the opportunity to do amazing things in life – that gives me a kick!
If you are starting up, my advice would be not to really worry about building a team right away but instead do some amazing work, build portfolio, network and then scale up a team. You have smart options like Oodio Post.Design.Print services where you can get your editings done smartly without having an in-house team of editors separately. A lot of operational costs are saved.

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