The serene shenbaga vilaasam


Our accommodation for the last two nights were at the Shenbaga Vilasam, situated in the serene Samathur. Having known how magical this place is from our previous visits, our excitement doesn’t miss a chance to express itself as we spend our time here. Be it the architectural marvels of the living space, the rich heritage or the intricate carvings preserved painstakingly through generations, everything is so amazing. There is the element of art everywhere and each of them speaks volumes about the rich bygone eras. The food is soul stirring. It is a rare phenomenon when the vegetarian delicacies make you indulge in a mood that makes you forget your craving for non-veg food. I don’t remember skipping a non-veg meal to have a veg meal, such is the soul stirring taste. And the food for thought is sumptuous too with all the green landscapes and little cow/duck/peacock friends that we get to visit around inside the wide spread campus. There is a constant buzz of breeze in the trees and a tranquil sense of peace and calmness that simply cannot be felt anywhere else in the cityscape.

So If any one is looking for a wonderful homestay, located in the middle of greens away from the city limits, with traditional food and warm love served, then this is THE place you must check in. Visit their website for more information.







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