Thinnai – A tasty hangout of tradition and style


THINNAI – The name says it all! We were driving on a Sunny afternoon in Madurai, when a prominent banner on the left read the name “Thinnai”. Naturally, we were intrigued to find out what’s it about and took a turn. It was a food joint that took us by surprise, with a perfect combination of tradition and modernity. They had a separate space for snacks and meals. From the interesting Neem biscuits to the innovative Parozza (Parotta + Pizza), it was health served in style. Soft buns with quirky fillings were a treat to try. And the best part? All the ingredients were organic and no artificial flavors were used. The place was perfectly maintained and the servers were more like friends. A lot of thought and effort has gone into the making of this Thinnai, which stood obvious with the products and the service we experienced. In an age where impatience is the new style, such a place where everything is healthy and organic needs a big applause.

Our previous generations were busy in establishing a stable career so they didn’t have time to think over carrying forward the historical significances in style. But here is a candid example of how tradition can be made to look interesting. When we say healthy and organic, the first thing that strikes is a monotone of silent and sober environment. But not necessarily, as Thinnai sets it clear as a cool hangout place for friends and family to get together.

After trying all the items out, we quenched few gulps of cool and tasty Rosemilk to layer our cravings. Even cooler was the reasonable billing we ended up with. It will be great for Chennai to have such one Thinnai – much needed. We tried to reach the owner of this place, but he wasn’t available in office then. We really look forward to appreciate him in person and do a quick documentary sometime. So next time when you are around Simmakkal in Madurai, do not forget to sit at Thinnai and munch your desires. Trust me, it truly satisfies!







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