1000 Days Content Challenge

Round the year, we shoot weddings. And that means, “a food feast” (kalyaana saapadu) all the time! There is not a cuisine that we haven’t tried. Might sound exotic, but trust me, it really isn’t so helpful to the waistline or our health. A lot of our teammates put on weight in the first few months and all you wedding photographer friends out there would vouch for this too. I strongly believe every wedding photographer has to pay due attention to their eating habits for it ultimately defines their fitness and flexibility. I can’t suggest what to eat or what not to, for it is every one’s personal choice. But as someone who is conscious about fitness, I am sharing my eating routine when shooting weddings.

  • I fill my plate with all the vegetables in the menu. The key is to fill your stomach with a round of vegetables and then by the time you get to the main course u don’t have space for the unhealthy stuff.
  • I do not entertain oily items at the most, for it hampers your spirit down if you are to shoot after the meal. The plan is to pick and play with select items. NOT the ‘keep it all on the plate’ syndrome where you allow items to enter your plate just for the sake even when you don’t like it.
  • Also, I select only steamed or roasted items instead of fried ones. It is good to pick only the pieces and veggies in the curry coz sometimes the curry is so creamy and rich with the healthy stuff staying hidden inside.
  • I drink lots and lots of water! Yes, you have to keep yourself constantly hydrated. Truly helps above everything else.
  • Eyes closed when it comes to the dessert area. Yes, a strict NO to the sweet cravings! amidst the chaos, the last resort is the idli and dosa that is ideal anytime.
  • But of none of these work, then idli & dosa are anytime the ideal option as the last resort. So this is on the food zone. Away from it, whenever I see water bottles I immediately pick it up and keep the hydration levels ticked. It helps.

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