I love albums!

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Albums have their own beauty. No matter how digital we age, the pleasure of holding an album physically and turning over the memories is a blissful feeling. For the very same reason, I don’t really stop with delivering the digital files to the clients but do albums that they can carry for the lifetime. Almost all the photographers do the same today, but I know a few who really toil their time out in working the albums on photoshop. It can be really time taking and also, the output would lack variety. Thankfully we have a handful of software solutions online that help in creating excellent photo-albums. Here are the benefits:
1. Power of choice: Brilliant templates to choose from
2. Flexibility: You can easily move around the projects, from place to place
3. Easy Interface: User experience is so smooth that all you have to do is pick and drop the pics. No hassle
4. Time-saving: Cuts all the manual work and gifts you with time
5. Client friendly: Good news is that the clients can participate in the process all along, suggesting changes and staying updated
There are a lot of options available online. At STUDIO – A , we have been using Pixellu SmartAlbums. It is easy and exciting. If you find it interesting too, you can use the promo code STUDIOA7 and avail a 50% discount on the purchase.
Happy memories!

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