The Curious case of Bouqutes

1000 Days Content Challenge

That sight of people carrying flower bouquets on to the stage, and some one from the back collecting it and keeping it aside. BOUQUETS! Everyone knows it’s of no use but still they tend to give this. For me, it’s like telling me on my face, ‘I don’t know much about you but yes, since you called and I don’t want to come empty-handed and also do not want to spend a lot on you, I’m giving you this bouquet. Smile, click!’
Genuinely, you don’t have to really carry anything for an event just to avoid ending up empty-handed. It is the time you take out to wish someone is person that really matters and the couple would appreciate the same. On the top of it, if you plan to gift something, well and good. But it has to be something that the couple can use. We see so many events where bouquets are cleared and put in trucks just to be dumped the next day morning. The atrocity just gets a level higher when you see the overly complicated bouquets and chocolate and fruit bouquets. Most of the times they are spoilt before they reach the couple hands (sometimes they never make it at all). Eating those decorated fruits or chocolates is definitely not in their priority list of things to do.
Yes we understand you are busy. Yes we understand you really don’t know the likes and dislikes of the couple since their family members invited you on a quick note. So what can you buy instead of bouquets? In my personal opinion, BOOKS are good options. You can buy a bulk of books and keep them in your house, gift wrap them and keep a few in your car too. Gift them whenever and where ever and whomever you want to. 1 out of 10 might actually read the book, which is a truly gifting experience. Coffee table books are even awesome ideas too.
I feel it is high time we say no to bouquets and let the flowers belong to places where look good and alive otherwise. Most importantly, educate your family members not to carry bouquets. Change becomes from us

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